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As a young adult, and now a mother of four, my family has battled with eczema and dry skin. We’ve tried other scrubs, face products and body products. You name it! We’ve tried it, and it was a temporary fix!

I finally decided to go the natural route in the healing & strengthening process and made my own product line! After weeks of using them on my family, we loved the results. I decided to share it with the world!

Whether it’s removing dead skin with the all-natural exfoliating Sugar Body Scrub, the moisturizing Body Butter, or the Turmeric Face Scrub, I created a full body hydrating natural moisturizer. The hydration will have your skin feeling refreshed and silky smooth!

Sharon Renee

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Sharon…..Girl….. I just showered. I used the scrub and the body butter, and the scrub alone made me feel so moisturized. Kevin was like what are u doing. As I was in the shower I was screaming yasssssssssssss. Then the butters on top of it. This is amazing. I’m proud of you. I’m usually “Ashy Ashley” giiiiirl not anymore lol…. I’m a happy customer! 😘 I’m ordering every scent. I need options for my adhd brain. Choose something different every night!

I recently used the body scrub and shea butter. I really enjoyed using both products, especially the body scrub. It’s made with essential oils and organic scents, which I like because it’s not overly fragrant. The shea butter is very rich. That’s particularly good for my skin because  I live in the desert.


I used it it today. I love it. Love that it is heavy in an oil base. My skin is so dry. I can feel how moisturized I am. Thank You!  Gotta try your other scents when I run out.


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